I got a beautiful ornamental ring for my septum and I just love it! It’s super easy to put the jewelry in and take out and it fits perfectly.

I decided to change my ear piercings jewelry because I was having too many issues with alergies due to the material, so I got these gorgeous titanium pieces with cristals and I’ve had zero problems at all. They’re just perfect!

I’d been wanting to get my philtrum pierced for a while, but I was afraid I would get a weird skin reaction or the jewelry might affect my gums. I just went for it and got my philtrum pierced with a super cute little white opal and it’s been great!

I definitely love Tremun’s jewelry! I bought an awesome serpent niobium piece for my daith and it looks amazing.

The jewelry looks really good in so many piercings. I really love the colors and shapes they offer.

I’m a big fan of body piercing and Tremun Jewelry really goes with my stile. This is just what I was looking for to upgrade my piercings.