How to request our catalog?

Tremun is a company focused on the wholesale of jewelry for professional studios. We firmly believe in the evolution of body piercing as an industry. We have been witness how standards have changed, reaching levels never imagined before. For this very reason we value the effort made by true piercers who have forged this path and our catalog is available exclusively for established professional studies. We will request certificates or patents from your study, courses that you have attended or any document that accredits you as a professional piercer. Write to us at info@tremunpiercing.com, we will contact you shortly.

Delivery time

We know that our clients cannot wait. To solve this recurring problem in jewelry companies, we opened operations bases in Spain, Germany, Italy and Chile to cut distances between our clients in Europe and South America, sending orders on a period not exceeding 5 business days. On the other hand, we are a company founded by active piercers and we understand which are the needs of our colleagues. Therefore, we maintain a constant stock of our most requested parts and that are currently most used in studios.

Payment methods

We have 3 different ways to facilitate the payment of the orders. These can be arranged via PayPal, bank deposit or Western Union.

Please note that the costs related to shipping, custom fees and taxes stipulated by each country, will be fully covered by the recipient.


One of our main objectives is to satisfy your quality standards as professional piercer. All our jewelry line has a guarantee for 6 months, once the order is received by the studio. When manufacturing problems arise (such as gem loss because defective bevelling or thread problems). In case of presenting any defects and these are checked, we will change the jewelry. The guarantee is not valid in case of improper use, attempted modification, attempted repair, negligence or misuse of the jewelry.