Titanium F-136


Titanium is a metal that has many uses, largely due to its low weight and high biocompatibility. All jewelry made by Tremun for first posture has an ASTM F-136 certification, which guarantees its use for implantation in the body, because its alloy does not contain nickel or other agents that can cause adverse reactions in people. All our jewelry and accessories have an internal thread system that prevents extra trauma when inserting or removing jewelry.



Niobium is a highly biocompatible material used in the medical industry for different purposes, mainly in the production of surgical implants. At Tremun we have a line of customized designs in Niobium, completely manufactured and polished by hand in our workshops. Using natural stones and opals to complement the aesthetics of this jewelry and also can be anodized.

Gold 18K



We firmly believe that the future of the piercing industry depends on the evolution of piercing studios around the world and fine jewelry is the cornerstone of this journey. At Tremun we have a team of expert goldsmiths, with countless years in the field, with whom we have developed a line in 18k gold in yellow, white and pink tones, complemented by the use of natural stones, opals and diamonds. For this line of jewelry we combine different techniques and technologies. Many of our pieces are made entirely by hand, only using classic tools in the goldsmith shop. On the other hand, we are progress conscious, so we also incorporate 3d printing and casting into our production method. By bringing together various techniques, only our imagination is the limit in the creation of our jewelry.